What Makes you Happy Tag

Today I’m taking part in a book tag! This is the 5 things that make you happy tag. Thanks Helen, from Helen’s Bookshelf  for tagging me in it.

I’ve illustrated this with pictures from my life of all these things so you get an extra peak.   It was hard to just pick 5!

5 Things that Make Me Happy  (excluding reading)

1)  Gaming

I’ve always loved computer games.  Being able to switch off for a while and just game.  Then I got into MMOs and loved the social side of playing with friends.  I usually play  MMOs, role-play, city-builders and adventure games but I dabble with all kinds.


2) Individualism – Crafting and art

I have a real passion for arty things that express my individualism.  I do a range of fibre art crafts including knitting, crochet, spinning and weaving.   I love to cook and bake.  I  dabble with drawing, writing and creative colouring.  This also extends onto my own body as I love doing weird colour mixes on my hair and adding more body art/tattoos.

3) My Dog

Cuddles, playtime and adventurous walks.  Plus shes an adorable little terror.

4) Live music gigs

Music is food for the soul.   It clears my head and lifts my spirits. I tend more towards the alternative music scene.  Metal, goth, industrial, punk and rock bands.  I love going to gigs,  having a dance/jump around and enjoying some live music.

5) Geocaching

I tried out geocaching with a friend a few months ago and was immediately hooked.  I love random adventures, challenging myself and exploring new areas and there’s plenty of that when out hunting for treasure.

My instagram features many of my geocaching adventures.  Official website.